Leading Virtual Teams

In today's global and technology-enabled environment, working in virtual teams has become common practice. We expect our colleagues to collaborate and work in both formal and informal virtual teams and contribute in a productive way towards business results. The program will teach you how to maximise both individual and team effectiveness while operating in a virtual environment.


Persuasive presentation

In many business roles today, outstanding presentation skills have become a core competency for achieving key goals and influencing the decisions and actions of others. Learning persuasive presentation skills can help make your presentations more memorable and successful.


Coach & Inspire

We expect our consultants to share knowledge and help others grow. In the course of the program, we will help to provide insight and training to support you becoming an inspirational coach.


Influence & Persuasion

We will help you to increase your awareness of the impact you can have on others and help you to develop practical skills and techniques to become a more proficient influencer and persuader. You will learn to identify the ways you can influence a greater number of people, both inside and outside the organization, to achieve your desired outcomes.


IT Best Practices

You will be trained in IT best practices languages, such as ITIL and Prince2, since we believe that any IT professional should be knowledgeable about the most common approaches used in an IT environment.

Generic IT skills

Business Processes

We believe that knowledge about business processes is vital in an ever changing IT and customer environment. We will help you to approach the organization you will be working in and for in an efficient and effective way.

Generic IT skills

Security & Privacy

Knowledge and application of security and privacy principles have become mandatory in the IT consultant curriculum of today. Training programs with certification such as CIPT and OWASP are only 2 examples of possible development tracks.

Generic IT skills


Agility is becoming more and more a strategic weapon in markets that are characterized by volatility, uncertainty and change. Innovation needs to happen in increasingly shorter cycles. Product development must be driven by the impact that is made on users and customers. Organizations need to react quickly on rapidly changing circumstances. Training programs with a proven track record such as Scrum will help you to be prepared.

Generic IT skills

Awareness & User Centered

We believe that organizations are guests in people's lives. People do not like complicated, they want to be understood, supported and surprised. At home and at work. In our caring user experience we are building trusted partnerships with customers, employees and partners, ensuring every contact is a positive experience and investing in services and expertise that empowers the business of our customers. It's about determining the real needs.

Generic IT skills

Security & Identity

Security and identity are two ingredients that are at the heart of everything we do. During this track we will deliver a solid foundation of all identity components that are used in enterprise environments, both on-premises and in the (Microsoft) Cloud. As environments can grow quickly, governance and reporting are indispensable parts of a mature management process. We will take you on a journey, unfolding all details about federated identities, single sign-on and Multi-Factor Authentication. This will give you a solid understanding of authentication & authorization mechanisms. Are you looking for guidelines on how to write secure code or implement SSL-enabled solutions? Our experts will provide you with the latest tips and tricks, right from the field, to further enhance your security awareness.

Technical skills

Technical efficiency

As a productivity expert we have to lead by example, during this course we will increase our efficiency by automating our work. Making use of PowerShell we will be able to script repetitive tasks, mitigate human errors and make our life easier. Are you living on the code side of life? No problem, we will also provide you with the latest insights on how to optimize team development efforts by using best practices from the DevOPS field. Join this track if you want to master your technical efficiency skills in a world where automation will become your best friend.

Technical skills

Hybrid architecture

Migrations of different services towards the cloud is ongoing at a very high rate. Although cloud adoption is only happening faster, a lot of organizations still (partially) depend on their on-premises infrastructure. In this track you will learn to master every aspect of a hybrid configuration. Identifying requirements, moving mailboxes, sites and unified messaging accounts between on-premises and the cloud, and managing both cloud- and on-premises infrastructure in one holistic approach. Using the knowledge of on-premises product variants as a stepping stone, we gain deep insights into hybrid configuration of Exchange Server, Skype for Business Server and SharePoint Server. Integrating all of the above, you will also get familiar with implementing and supporting a Microsoft Groups and Teams setup.

Technical skills


Office 365 introduces many new opportunities in terms of development. Plugging into the cloud platform API, new technologies and possibilities are unlocked. Along with all those possibilities come new tools and frameworks to develop lightweight solutions. During our development track we will use virtual development environments like Docker to practice and enhance our client-side scripting skills. Leveraging the modern platforms, toolsets and frameworks like Azure, O365, Angular, React and many others, we will develop new innovative applications and plugins.

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