Introduction JWorks Technology Radar & preferred stack

You'll get acquainted with the technologies we love and put into practice in our greenfield projects.


Spring recapĀ & advanced

Over the years, the Spring framework by Pivotal has become the de facto standard in developing Java applications. We'll deep-dive into the different projects of this large ecosystem.


Advanced Security Principles

We believe that every Ordina consultant should have security in his or her DNA. During this course, you'll learn to identify potential security risks as early as possible in a development process.


TypeScript with Angular

TypeScript ensures maintainable software... if it is well used. You'll learn TypeScript on the basis of Angular, our standard choice when building slick frontend applications.


Frontend build tools, testing, package managers etc

The number of possible tools for testing and packaging a frontend application have grown significantly over the last few years. When finished with these courses, you won't be overwhelmed anymore and you'll know which tool to use for your newest project.


Ionic 2

Our preferred technology for building mobile applications is the Ionic framework. Ionic and Angular are two peas in a pod. We'll teach you how to build and deploy a mobile application.


Pragmatic Project Estimations

Estimating projects is very difficult and not an exact science. However, there are some tips and tricks which can help you estimate an upcoming project. You'll be an expert in breaking up a large project into smaller pieces, identifying risks and estimating the unexpected.


Test development best practices

There is no excuse for not testing your software. If you want to avoid regression in your application, you have to test your application thoroughly. This course is a deep-dive into developing unit tests, integration tests and end-2-end testing.


Team leadership

Which styles of leadership are acceptable in which situation? What sort of leader are you? How to coach and when? How to handle difficult situations? In this three-day course you'll discover answers to these questions.



It's inevitable: everyone has to give a presentation someday. But what makes a presentation stick with your audience? You'll discover what characteristics an intriguing story must have, that you need to know your audience and how you can tell the story with great confidence.


Software architecture

Software architecture is getting a lot of attention. It looks beyond the details of today's technologies to the underlying trends, techniques, and principles that underpin lasting success in our fast-moving field. It is critical to today's business success; yet it requires technical, business and organizational talents and skills that warrant their own path of career development, education, and research.


Domain-Driven Design, CQRS and Event Sourcing

We believe in microservices. Microservices and DDD principles are thick as thieves. You'll learn about bounded contexts, event sourcing and the frameworks you can use to implement these principles.


Microservice architecture design

Distributed systems and microservices are a hot topic these days. It's all about developing smaller applications that work together. It's all about the operational measures that need to be taken into account when putting a distributed system into production. It's all about faster business value delivery. This in-depth course is an A-Z journey through the microservices landscape.


Reactive Programming

Asynchronous programming is coming our way. RxJS, RxJava, Spring Reactor, Spring 5, .... Working with observable streams is a mindshift, but as you start with the basics and work your way up, you'll get a grip on this way of programming.



Packaging your application into an image makes your application highly portable. Containerization is an indispensible facet when talking about deploying your application anywhere, on any platform. We'll put theory into practice, looking at Docker.

Development & Operations

DevOps & CI/CD

We believe that a developer shouldn't live on an island, only doing development stuff. A developer with operational skills is of more value to an organization, because he or she can bridge the gap between project teams and infrastructure teams. Knowing how to ship your application is an important aspect. This course will take you from feature branching and Git to CI tools and orchestration tools.

Development & Operations

PaaS + PCF/Openshift

The "cloud"... Another buzzword. But investigating Platform as a Service can be of great value to your organization. Building and maintaining server racks in your basement is not always necessary anymore. You have different levels of abstracting the infrastructure side of things. You'll learn about the basic principles of cloud-native applications and PaaS platforms and we'll dig deeper into Pivotal Cloud Foundry and OpenShift.


JWorks projects - lessons learned & best practices

Alright, cool. You've been granted a project by a customer and the development team can start in a couple of weeks! But there are a lot of things to think about when scoring and managing a project: presales activities, scope management, team coaching, architecture, backlog prioritization, etc. This course is about all of those topics and is essential in becoming a good team leader or project manager.


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