Functional programming (in C#)

You are effective with the imperative, object oriented core of .NET but you look longingly at the winsome smile of functional languages. Time to find out which code to attack with functional ideas and how to do it. You'll watch code transform from long difficult to follow code to short code that's easy to understand, hard to mess up and straightforward to debug.


Becoming a Git guru

Git has quickly become an incredibly popular version control system, but how does it actually work? Time to understand the magic that is going on and make using Git a breeze.

Development & Operations

Mobile development with Xamarin

There are 2 things you should have done as a developer; write your own bubble sort using linked list and create a mobile application. We'll teach you how Xamarin can help you create stunning cross platform mobile experiences on iOS, Android and UWP. Note: Writing a bubble sort you'll have to learn on your own...


Web development with Angular and TypeScript

Angular is without a doubt our first choice for building frontend user experiences. You'll learn all the ins and outs of the framework and how to get the most out of it. Best of all you get a speed course in TypeScript as an extra!


REST api's with ASP.NET Core

Most developers have heard of the architectural style known as REST, but even experienced developers often find it difficult to apply RESTful principles when building real-world applications.Time to learn how to building and run RESTful systems in the real world. What makes a system RESTful? Why does it matter? And how do you build one?


Design Patterns & SOLID

You already use Design Patterns but probably don't know it. Observer, Facade, Iterator, Proxy - Learning the lingo allows us to better communicate your ideas with other developers. Design patterns aren't just for architects; they're for us everyday developers, too. We'll take a look at several Gang of Four patterns that we regularly use without realizing it.


AppService Development with Azure

Microsoft Azure is huge! But don't let that stop you from learning how to apply the Platform-as-a-Service building blocks in Azure to design and create a scalable cost effective application.


Mastering debugging

Time to move beyond step-by step debugging in Visual Studio. Learn about Wireshark, WinDBG and a lot of other tools to leave no bug unfound.


Best practices and common pitfalls

You don't become a professional without making some mistakes along the way. Learn from the mistakes(and successes) of the NCore senior developers. Be ready for some war stories you'll never forget.


Test automation

DevOps, MicroServices, Continuous delivery,... All things that only can become reality on your project once you master test automation. We'll show you how to write good unit tests for frontend and backend code. We move up the V-model to automate component, system and integration tests unless there is nothing left to test manually.

Development & Operations

LEAN and applying Scrum in real life

You are trying to use Scrum but still your projects seem to narrow down to mini Waterfall. Learn how good product backlog grooming, better estimation techniques, insightful retrospectives and engaging demos can make your team a lean, mean development machine.


Data storage strategies

Over the last few years we have seen the rise of a new type of databases, known as NoSQL databases, that are challenging the dominance of relational databases. But what types of databases are there and which one should you choose for your next project? Time to get some answers.


Securing your (web) apps

At Ordina we take security seriously. You have no excuse to not understand oAuth and OpenID and how to apply it in a mobile, web and desktop application. We'll continue by hacking our own application and then start to introduce mitigations to harden our application step by step.


Writing functional/technical specifications

There is only one thing worse than no specifications, that is bad specifications. Writing exceptionally clear functional(and technical) specs is a skill and you will master it.


Introducing the NCORE Technology Radar

Gain insights into the technology and trends that our shaping the future of our unit. Get an overview of the technologies, tools and frameworks to use (and not use) on your next project.


Cross cutting concerns explained

The majority of applications you design will contain common functionality that spans layers and tiers. This functionality typically supports operations such authentication, authorization, caching, communication, exception management, logging and instrumentation, and validation. These crosscutting concerns don't provide direct business value but will make a difference in delivering maintainable applications you can be proud of.


Optimize your productivity

Everyone knows that developer productivy is measured by the number of lines of code you can write...not?! But what makes a productive developer? Learn everything about time management, getting in 'the zone' and how to get the most out of your (development) tools.


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